We developed standard PowerPoint presentations in align with the contents of each chapter in the certification workbooks. For each topic we have included many practice exam questions with explanation to supplement the study workbooks, and summarized diagrams or tables for the topic area.

Each slide in the PPT presentation has its own page of speaker note that is used for instructors to deliver course content.

These PowerPoint presentations can be used as training materials to instructor’s lectures in the certification preparation courses. Instructors will also be able to customize these presentations to fit their own course lecture needs.

When your purchase our instructor materials, you can access the PDF study workbooks and online test bank as well as the materials designed for the certification candidate. Moreover, you can download the Power Point presentations by each module to combine the exam content and quizzes with explanation into one place. In sum, an instructor account includes PDF workbooks, Test bank (Pre-test, review-test and Post-test) and PPT Slides with notes.

Access to the instructor materials is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase (USD199 for aPHRi; USD299 for PHRi, SPHRi and GPHR). These Power Point presentations are designed to be downloaded and copied in its entirety to use by the paid members for lecturing purpose. It may not be changed or altered without the written consent of IHRCI. Your account is not to be shared with others.

If you have bought the product(s), please log in with your LinkedIn account, and you can access your instructor resources (aPHRi, PHRi, SPHRi, GPHR) on the "Materials" icon in the upper-right corner on our webpage. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on Email (service@ihrci.org) or Facebook.


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