Our organization was founded in Hong Kong, one of the global alliances of HR Certification Institute (HRCI),  to promote Human Resource (HR) professionalism among HR professionals and build the bridge between HR practices and theories.


Our mission is to enhance the HR professionalism by promoting the HR science, technology, and certification on a global scale. Moreover, our core values of science, technology, and certification guide our decisions and shape our commitment to exceed expectations.



We believe that HR should rely on scientific evidences. Evidence-based HR practitioners focus squarely on the impact of management practices on observable financial and organizational outcomes; and their decisions are supported with the best available scientific evidences.



We believe that organizations that are able to make the best use of technology are able to deliver desirable consequences. HR professionals need not only technical training in new technology use but also conceptual knowledge to select, manage, and evolve with new technology.



We believe that certification can signal to stakeholders that the holders have the required competence to perform professional work. HR certification implies that there are standards in the profession which must be met to practice HR competently, and it can be used to prevent those professionals who were ill-prepared to practice HR from entering the field.


Our vision is to be the leading resource for supporting the evidence-based Human Resources.