The IHRCI Online Prep Materials boasts a 89% pass rate among participants for the exams issued by HR Certification Institute (HRCI) in the United States. Find out all of the great features of our online practice tests by taking a sample test.  To take the sample test, please click here to sign in with your LinkedIn account, and then click the below link to take the free trial sample test.  The sample tests works just like the real tests except it only displays 20 questions for each HR Certification Institute (HRCI) global credential exam, including the Professional in Human Resources–International (PHRi), Senior Professional in Human Resources–International (SPHRiand Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR).


Please note that the HRCI Human Resource Business Professional (HRBP),  Human Resource Management Professional (HRMP) Certifications have been renamed as PHRi/SPHRi in 2016.


Click here for our FREE Sample Practice Test of PHRi (HRBP)

Click here for our FREE Sample Practice Test of SPHRi (HRMP)

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Once you complete the sample test, you will get a detailed report on how well you did for each of the main sections of the actual exam.  It also provides you with an explanation of why your answer is correct or incorrect. 

The pass rate for the PHRi, SPHRi and GPHR exams is around 50%. Most people spend at least 2 months to more than 8 months studying for it. Test prep can be costly: many books, videos, classes, and practice tests are available—at a substantial investment.  The most recent statistics indicated that the IHRCI online prep materials have 80-89% pass rates on PHRi, SPHRi and GPHR exams. 

Many HR professionals know that it takes a high level of both experiential knowledge and studying to pass the exam, so earning the certification is a great way to distinguish yourself.

Many certified HR professionals found that practice tests are useful, but usually expensive, so we’re happy to offer you our free practice test. Take it for a spin, assess your knowledge, and see if you want to purchase for the full PHRi, SPHRi or GPHR prep materials online!.